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Athena "Chickie" Ransom

Athena "Chickie" Ransom owns and operates her motorcycle shop, Vagabond Chopper Company, in Pompano Beach, Florida, where she repairs and builds bikes. She says, “I like to build choppers, because when you’re done, you can see and feel the birth of ideas that evolves in your brain.”

Chickie has been riding since she was 15 and has been working on choppers since the age of “Sweet Sixteen.” Over the years, she learned motorcycle mechanics while working in the parts departments of various bike shops. She confesses, “Because I’m a chick, all my work had to be done after hours when the technicians weren’t there, or in my garage at home. Guys always gave me a hard time about being a chick that rides and wrenches on bikes.”

In 2004, Chickie opened her own bike shop, Vagabond Chopper Company. Longtime friend (and now husband) Don Ransom left another famous bike builder to work with her. In just over two years, the public began to take notice of the upstart shop. Magazines, newspapers and television shows began doing pieces on Chickie, focusing on her uniqueness as a woman bike builder. Business at Vagabond Chopper Company took off, and today Chickie is one of the most successful and well-known bike builders in the industry.










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